SlipStop for kids


Slippers for children with a thin non-slip sole. Perfect for SPA, swimming pool, beach, lawn.

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SlipStop slippers with a thin non-slip sole are suitable for any place where you would be happy to be barefoot, but the situation calls for shoes. Ideally suited for use in SPAs, where the anti-slip sole ensures safety. Also, SlipStop is necessary for those beach lions who do not like to swim through algae, sea grass and rocks. This is a good thin slipper in which the child can comfortably run and play on grass and sand. Perfect for a child taking their first steps, a full feel of the ground.

Minimalist sizing chart for SlipStop

Size Inside length Width
18-20 (INF) 12,5 6,1
21-23 (XS) 14,5 6,6
24-26 (Sun) 16,7 7,2
27-29 (M) 18,5 7,5
30-32 (L) 20,3 8,2
33-35 (XL) 22,2 8,3



Astro, Batman, Black, Catwalk, Dancer, Dino, Dive, Ella, Gator, Hot Dog, Lily, Pack, Parade, Saturn, Scarlet, Sharks, Sly the Fox, WaytoPink, Whiskers


Inf., XS (21-23), S (24-26), M (27-29), L (30-32), XL (33-35)


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